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You Can Make a Foam Board Into These 4 Things!

by Andrew Howard

Foam board is known as a foam that is coated with the paper. The foam board has not only one name because people also called it foam core or paper-faced foam. This kind of board widely uses because of its excellent. The foam board is more light compared with another board material, not difficult to shape and cut, easy to buy, durable, and affordable. Don’t forget, the foam board also can be used in a variety of things. But, what kind of things? To find out the answer, you can read these 5 points about the things you can create by using a foam board!

1. Information Media Can Be Created By Using a Foam Board

You can create anything on the surface of the foam board, including creating it as an information media such as a menu board. By reading the menu board, people get information about the product or service offered. But, not only a menus board, you can create another information media by using a foam board. Moreover, you have to consider about several things when making information media on the foam board. Here are the things!

  • Make sure if you put the most updated information.
  • Check the typographical error before you print it.
  • The information on a foam board will be useless if people find it hard to read. So, select the perfect font size and type to make it easy to read.

2. Motivate the Employee By Using a Foam Board

Sometimes, a bad day can ruin someone’s mood, interrupting the focus, decreasing productivity, or anything else. If it happens especially in the office or working area, it can impact the employee job. So, the foam board can be one of the alternative solutions to that problem. You can put motivational quotes on the foam board and set it on the various working area. It may help the employee to be more focused and motivated at work. Apart from motivational quotes, you can put the company goals, value, or vision on the foam board.

3. Make a Foam Board as a Promotional Tool

Promotion is essential in business! By doing promotion, the level of sales can be increasing. Because the foam board is a versatile material, you can transform it to be promotional tools. But to make an attractive promotional foam board, there are some points you need to be a concern. So, here are the points!

  • Create a design that clearly makes people understand about things you want to convey on a promotional foam board. 
  • Write a unique or sensational headline that increasing curiosity.
  • Make a high-resolution design. 
  • High quality of foamboard printing is absolutely needed!

4. Use a Foam Board as Decoration Item

Another thing you can create by having a foam board is a decoration item. You can decorate your room, office, cafe, restaurant, store, etc. As a decoration item, you can use it in its original form, or you can cut it and try to make a shape. So, feel free to create any decoration item by using a foam board.

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