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Wood vs Aluminum Easel Stand

by Alex Szen

There are many types of easel stands that you can buy, such as the lyre easel, H frame easel, single mast easel, convertible easel, giant easel, and many more. And there are also at least two materials for each type of easel. Some are made from wood, some are made from metal or aluminum.  Here, you will find a general explanation of each that hopefully can help you decide which one you should get. 

Wooden vs Aluminum Material 

The wooden material is more often found because it is the material that has been used since the first easel stand is made. The wooden material for easel stand makes a sturdier easel construct and less wobbly compared to the aluminum material. There are more designs available with this material as well compared to the other. 

However, the aluminum material makes it easier for the easel stand to be transported, folded, and stored because it is lighter. Also, since this material is non-porous, it is a lot easier for cleaning. Supposedly, the aluminum material is also more durable as long as it is stored the right way because it does not deteriorate easily compared to wooden material. 

Easel Stand Types 

Now, onto the types of easel stand available for purchase regardless of the material. 

1. Single Mast Easel 

If you are an art student or a complete beginner, then it is recommended to get this type of easel stand because it is very simple. The frame is usually lightweight and easy for transport since it can be folded without much of a hassle. It is perfect if you need to carry your easel stand to your work place or painting studio, art classes, or to a place you want to do your painting at. Even though the single mast easel is not the sturdiest easel stand that you can buy, it is still quite good and it can provide you decent comfort during your work. However, you can’t work with too large canvases with this type of easel stand. 

2. A Frame Easel Stand 

The A frame easel stand is also known as a lyre easel stand. This type of easel stand has three legs that support the painting. This easel falls into the category of lightweight easel stand which also makes it easy to fold and store as well as transport much like the single mast easel, but it is slightly sturdier than the aforementioned easel stand. It can hold small to medium and sometimes large paintings. 

3. H Frame Easel 

If you work with even larger paintings than the A frame easel can hold, then what about trying out the H frame easel stand? It is significantly sturdier than the A frame easel stand and it can hold up to 96 inches paintings. However, the downside of this type of easel is that it can’t be brought to places easily and it can’t be folded for storage as well. So, make sure that you have a spacy workplace for this one.

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