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Things to Consider to Make a Good Quality Rubber Stamp

by Alex Szen

Rubber or Self inking stamps have been used in many aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to legal or business activities. Rubber stamps in this modern age are now mostly used in the office to handle formal documents; authenticating them and authorizing them before they get released or sent. Rubber stamps can ensure the originality of a document and make it clear that the company takes full responsibility regarding everything that is stated in the documents.

Not only that, self inking stamps are also great for organizing documents. It is quite a versatile tool that can be adjusted to your many needs. Even if they are simply used for craft, they can produce good quality imprint and help you make a good art piece.

If you’re thinking about getting your own self inking stamp, there are definitely a few things that you need to understand and be aware of as you design your self inking stamp. Here are some of then:

1. Details

Whether you do the design yourself or have someone else such as a professional graphic designer do it for you, you should always pay attention to even the smallest detail. Take note of the height, weight, size, and the shape of the self inking stamp. They need to be suitable for the type of work you are putting into. To make a design of a self inking stamp neater, make sure that it is not cramped or stuff. Leave a little bit of space between each element and edges of the stamp yet make sure that everything is still within the size and shape boundary.

2. Ink

There are several types of inks and ink colors that you can choose for your rubber stamp. This choice is especially important for self inking stamps or pre inked stamps because they are loaded with the ink instead of having a separate ink pad. It will be a hassle to change the ink cartridge so it’s better to have the desirable ink type and color you want from the very beginning.

Generally, there are oil-based ink, water-based, ink, and solvent-based ink. Water-based ink is more suitable for self-inking stamp, while oil-based ink is commonly used for pre-inked stamps. Colors that are common for self-inking stamp inks are blue, purple, or red. The red color is usually used for something with a more negative impression, but of course, sometimes you can just use red for any purposes as well.

3. Manufacture

Try to find the best place for the self inking ink manufacturing shop. Don’t risk it and just go for the most reputable place. Investing in a good stamp is good as it can last a long time and help you become a more proper and professional businessman as your career grows. A good manufacture place will be able to provide you with several options that you can choose when it comes to making your stamp. You can choose the material, the type of ink, the ink color, and many more depending on your needs.

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