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Step by Step on How to Make Pull Up Banner

by Alex Szen

Pull up banner is a medium to convey information or messages to someone. With a pull up banner, you can put a variety of content for your various events. You can make it easier, you can even order it via your smartphone, there are a bunch of printing shops that have an online platform. If you want to make it, then you can follow the steps below! 

1. Get to Know Your Company’s Value 

Before you start to make a banner design, you need to know first about what content and pieces of information you want to put on the banner. And you can get this information from the values ​​and goals of your company or organization. You might need to discuss this matter with your colleague. There, you can brainstorm the ideas and other things necessary for the banner. You will be able to imagine how the information would be delivered on the banner, once you identify the values. 

2. Try to Manifest the Value into Content 

After you know the added value you have, then you try to convert it into pieces of information and content. This content can be in the form of sentences, images, designs, and others. The sales performance of the product or service you have will be affected by how you make content. So, make sure you arrange the sentences in order. So that people will have it easier to read and digest the information. 

3. Use Keywords 

Keywords are important things that need to be included in your pull up banner. Keywords will allow people to get the first impression of the overall information given. So, you must make keywords for the information you provide. How do I create keywords? For example, if you take the sentence “Provides complete protection from bacteria and viruses”, then you can get the keywords “100% efficient” or anything else you can think would catch the customer’s attention. 

4. Use Bullets Point Format 

Information made in the form of points will give a short, concise, and clear effect. And those three things that all consumers need. By creating bullet points, you do not only allow the customer to know or read the info faster, but also make sure your banner is made to its best efficiency. So sometime in the future, you don’t have to redo the banner if you find your banner not quite informative. Puts money! 

5. Simplistic Design  

A simple design will allow your customer to see the information given first. Without getting overwhelmed by the cluttered design. It will save you time and money by making it simple. Also, the changing of seasons and product sales will have to make you regularly change the theme, the tone, and definitely the design. So, don’t spend too much time thinking about the design and how to make it amazing. Focus on the content, and the design should follow. 

6. Put It in The Right Place 

Put your pull up banner near the booth you built, it will make sure the interaction that happens between you and your customer goes dynamically. Good luck!

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