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Follow These 3 Tips When Making Wedding Invitation Cards and Guest Lists!

by Alex Szen

When it comes to wedding preparations, you should think that all the elements play a vital role in the success of your wedding. So, be ready to prepare from the large elements such as venues and transportation to the smaller ones like souvenirs and wedding invitation cards. Most people handle the invitation card not as seriously as they prepare a beautiful wedding dress or wedding venue. Maybe because of its small size. But in fact, the invitation card is something that should be treated as seriously as preparing a dress and venue. It is also one of the elements that must be prepared at the beginning of the wedding preparation.

Wedding invitation cards actually start by compiling a guest list. You cannot create an invitation card without having a guest list first. Why? Because you may invite too many people or vice versa. Also, you may forget about some of the people that supposed to be invited. So, to help you prepare for these two elements, here are a few things that you can follow in compiling your guest lists and invitation cards!

Guest Lists

In the previous paragraph, you know that the guest list is an initial step before making invitation cards. So, we walk you through the things you can follow in making guest lists first!

1. Ask Parents

Often, people think that the only person who should be involved in compiling the guest list is their partner. But maybe they can also ask their parents about inviting their colleagues or friends at the wedding. It is only an option, so you decide whether you will ask your parents or not. However, if your parents take part to fund the wedding, it’s a good idea to ask them about the people they want to invite.

2. Have No Idea About Classifying People Who Live Far From Wedding Location.

You may find that not everyone lives in the same city or area. Because of that, in making guest lists, don’t forget to distinguish people who live far from the wedding location, especially if they lived in another town or even in other countries. By doing this, you will able to send them the invitation earlier.

3. Write Wrong Names

Sometimes, when making a guest list, people think that they know the correct name of the guests. But, it often turns out that they write the wrong name even on the invitation card. Although the recipient still knows that the invitation card was sent for them, it is better if you write their name correctly.

Wedding Invitation Cards

Now, it is time to talk about the tips you can follow when creating an invitation card. So, here is it!

1. Times to Send the Wedding Invitation Cards

Do you know when you have to send the invitation cards? It is recommended that you send out the invitations six to eight weeks in advance of the wedding. So, it gives the recipients time to prepare and mark up their calendar. One more thing, please note that the invitations should be sent early for the recipients who live far from the wedding location.

2. Poor Print Quality

One of the things that are quite often regretted is print quality. To make sure that you get a good-looking result of invitation cards, you must look for a trusted and professional wedding invitation printing services!

3. Set the Budget

Everyone tries to do their best for their wedding preparation, including when making a wedding invitation card. But, setting the budget for it will help you to avoid overspending.

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