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Basics You Need to Know About Common Seal in Singapore?

by Alex Szen

What is a Common Seal and What it is Useful For?

A common seal is a beneficial office tool that works by sandwiching a piece of paper between two opposing metal plates that has the mark of the company logo, commonly, and leaves an embossed impression onto the surface of the paper. Common seal in Singapore is useful for authorizing and authenticating a legal document that is to be exuded or issued by a company so that it can confirm its authenticity. A common seal’s mark is not mandatory now as opposed to the past. Now, it is a good companion to the signature of the company’s directors to give off a more professional impression and propriety as you execute your documents from the company.

Not only for authenticating and authorizing documents, but a common seal can also be useful for other business transactions. Although, a common seal can not be used for meeting minutes or agreements of service level as well as vendor contracts.

Since the use of a common seal is very important, it needs to be first approved. Then, each time it is used, the history needs to be recorded or documented in the Articles of Association.

How to Get a Common Seal?

Simply, you need to design it and hand it to a common seal manufacturer. However, not all companies can be authorized to have a common seal, nor all common seals are valid. A common seal can only be regarded as valid if it includes the registration number of the company. Remember that it needs to be a valid and official registration number. To acquire a registration number, of course, you need to register the company to the government according to the existing steps, fulfilling the requirements and making sure that everything is in check. Only after getting a registration number you can design a valid common seal and have it manufactured.

A common seal can be acquired within several working days, usually. However, depending on the manufacturer, you can even get it at a quicker span of time. It is highly likely that this option requires you to pay more money as it is regarded as an express service.

Make sure you choose a reputable common seal manufacturer that can give you a good quality common seal so that it can be durable enough to last you a lot of years because it can save you money in the long run.

A common seal manufacturer works by first engraving the design of your common seal onto the metal plate using a laser cutter machine. Then, the hot metal plates need to be cooled down to make sure that the design will come out perfectly. After it is completely cooled down, the two metal plates are attached to a metal handle. A common seal is made in these simple steps. However, the experience and skills of a common seal manufacturer can truly make a difference in the outcome. So make sure that you try to get the best for your company.

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