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5 Things You Need to Know About the Easel Stand!

by Andrew Howard

An easel stand is upright support that is usually used for displaying something such as canvas that resting upon it. Commonly, an easel stand is identified with painting. Do you think the same? If you do, then you need to obtain and read more information about that. Today, it is no longer relevant if you think that the easel stand is only used for painting. Also, now, you can find the easel stands that are not only made of wood but also from other materials. So, to know more information about easel stands, let’s talk in more detail! 

1. No, Easel Stands Are Not Only Used for Painting! 

Most people will identify an easel stand with something about art or paint. That’s actually normal because this stand is traditionally used by painters when they work for supporting their painting. Until now, easel stands are still popular to use as upright supports for painters. But things have changed, and the easel stand can also be applied for any other activities now. What can we do by using a stand other than painting? The easel can be used to display canvas or poster boards for events and promotions. If you realize, you may find it used frequently in business, wedding, or any other event. But easel for display is too flimsy to be used for painting.  

Note: Display easel and painting easel are two different types of easel. Visit the easel stand if you are interested in having an easel for display. 

2. There Is Also a Special Easel for Children 

Children’s easels are designed to be adjustable and more durable. Usually, it is shorter than the regular easel stand. You may find that some children’s easels are equipped with chalkboards, magnetic boards, and dry erase boards. Another model of children’s easel can be used by two kids at the same time because it has 2-sided model.   

3. There Is More Than One Design for The Easel Stand! 

Did you know that the easel has more than one design? If you have no idea about any design and who will be perfect for every design, then here are a few of them! 

  • Tripod design commonly has 3 legs, 2 in front and 1 in back. It will be suitable for those with limited space and work on a small to medium scale.  
  • The H-Frame design is shaped like the letter H and has two vertical posts with horizontal crossbar support. This model is perfect for those who need stable easels and to work on large canvases. 
  • Multiple purposes designs are created by combined H-frame and tripod features.  

4. The Easel Stand Is Not Only Made of Wood 

Perhaps you think that easel is only made of woods. Yeah, the wood is the material that is used for making the easel for the first time until now. That is the reason why it is still popular today. But the easel can also be created using aluminium or steel. These materials make the easel has a lightweight. 

5. The Benefit of Using Easel  

Yes, it was previously mentioned that the easel stand is used as upright support. But for painters, it also helps to improve their posture and minimize the risk of injury, especially on their back and neck. Hence, it allows them to work longer and with less pain.

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