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3 Important Design and Print Tips for Your Poster Stand

by Alex Szen

Poster stands are posters that are used to promote certain brands, or also for social purposes. It is called a poster stand because of its position which is supported by an aluminum, plastic, or iron stick in a standing position. Usually, you can find a poster stand in malls, shopping centers, and other public places. The following are three important tips for the printing process from a poster stand that you should know if you are going to make one. 

1. Consistency of Your Brand Design 

Did you know that poster stands are a tool for marketing and promotion? That’s right, you can use a poster not only to provide information but also about promoting your brand. So, before you make a poster stand, make sure that your business or organization has a settled logo, typography, colour scheme for your brand/organization, and anything else that supports it. These aspects must support each other. So, when you try to design a poster stand, you already have an idea of ​​what you are going to make. You don’t need to rush in designing a poster stand, take your time, make sure the aspects of the logo, colour, and content are in proportion, so this will create a uniform look that makes it easier for your audience to digest the images and information on your poster. The branding process that the poster will do is very important and eventually, you will win the market if you do it right. 

2. Crystal Clear Information 

A standing poster must contain brief, concise, and clear information. To make sure that the poster stand that you make includes these things, then you have to pay attention to the aspects that you fit in the poster that you make. These aspects must also be relevant to current conditions or actual conditions. You are also advised not to put information that is not important and irrelevant to your business because this will only distract people who see your poster, and miss the actual information you want to convey. People also tend to ignore a poster that is too dense with words and sentences. Prioritize any information that becomes the core of your poster, then place keywords or short sentences that are made. If it’s only one or a few words, you can make one word bigger than the others, but still, be proportional. However, if you want to load sentences, then make sure you use the number or bullets point format. 

3. Good Design and Word Placement 

In the process of designing your poster, make sure the elements or aspects of words, sentences, images, and designs that are made have sufficient spacing. That means, neither too close nor too tenuous. Placement with the right distance between aspects will also prevent the poster from appearing cramped. Also, make sure you have a bleed area of ​​3mm to 5mm, depending on the printer. It is also recommended for you to ask the printing shop regarding the required bleed area. You will most likely find an engaging poster stand in singapore with good design in public places, so people can saw it. So, next time you make one, consider these tips. Good luck! 

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