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3 Easy Name Card Design Tips

by Alex Szen

The effectivity of a name card is very crucial in determining whether or not it will be able to perform its job well in aiding you as you try to build strong business networks and relationships. As the years go by, people are more aware of the importance of a good Singapore name card printing. Sometimes, it gets more difficult to stand out among others or at least come up with a decent design.

Professional graphic designers are needed more than ever in this time and age due to the rising realization about how important design is. However, they tend to cost quite a lot. If you are willing to try to do your own design, there are surely several things that you need to be aware of and understand in order to make a good name card design. Take a look at these number of tips that may help you in creating an effective name card.

  1. Relevant Information Only

Although a name card has the main purpose of exchanging contact information, it doesn’t mean that you should include everything into your card. As you have already known, a name card comes with limited space due to its small size. It is best if your name card still has empty space around the content to make a more pleasant looking card. Thus, you have to only include the information that is relevant and they must be kept concise. These days, the essentials are your name, your job title or position, your phone number, your e-mail address, and web address. Some choose to include office address as well, and this is still regarded as appropriate, although it is no longer essential. Since technology has become an integral part of our lives, it is more important to include web address or social media handle where clients or prospects can discover more information about your company and business.

  1. Make Sure It’s Legible

One most critical aspect to make sure that your name card is easy to read is by choosing the right font and the suitable font color. People tend to think that a unique font makes a design more interesting. Actually, fonts that are styled too much only cause confusion and misunderstanding. People will have a difficult time reading such fonts, and they should be avoided. Choose fonts that are simple and easy to read. Also, make sure that the color of your font has a strong contrast with the background color so that it will pop out more.

  1. Think of Your Audience

Not all design appeals to all kinds of business. To make a design that works, you have to think about what kind of people, business, or organization that you are targeting with your name card and design a name card that can pique their interest according to their line of work as well as yours. If you have multiple businesses, it is advised that you have different name cards for each type of business so that the theme of the design is more appropriate for the targeted audiences.

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